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Considerations for Shipping Containers

February 2021 By Admin


Do you want to use the service of air cargo in your country for moving overseas shipping containers? There are consideration and tips for successful air shipping containers.

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Do you know that one-third of all the trade value around the world is transported by shipping containers? And the profit is $6.8 trillion annually! The number comes for all of the goods that the air cargo shipped. The flights’ competitive advantage is still swift and it creates great solutions for shipper around the world. If you want to ship overseas, there are some considerations to think about. You need to think about the packaging type, a shipping method, and labeling.

Crane lifting up container in yard

Choose a Packaging Type

There is a number of factors to consider when you want to get a smart package. Consider if you
use boxes, will it suffice? Think about a moisture barrier is necessary or not for your package.
Check if your shipment temperature is sensitive or not. And there are many packaging types to
choose and to consider.

Choose a Shipping Method

Talk with your freight forwarder to know whether air is the best type of moving overseas
shipping containers or not. You need to know what the best method for both of you and your
client. Your package can be shipped with domestic or international air to create the most
economical shipment.


For easy identification, usually, the overseas buyer will specify which export marks need to
appear on the cargo by receivers. You should discuss it to make sure the transit is a success.

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